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Relaks Radio Bangla Relaks Radio uK is a soothing and culturally immersive online radio station that offers a serene auditory journey through the rich and melodious world of English music. Whether you're in search of tranquil tunes or a way to connect with the enchanting sounds of English culture, Relaks Radio Uk is your gateway to relaksation and musical bliss. Tune in and unwind with the enchanting melodies of United Kingdom .Relaks Radio Uk is a radio station from UK. It broadcasts music, song, news, short video, comedy, entertainment,and more. It is a popular choice for listeners who want to enjoy a variety of programs in Bangla language. The Radio Bangla aims to provide quality entertainment and information to its listeners and promote Bangla culture and heritage. Relaks Radio Bangla plays a variety of songs from a wide of music genres, including folk songs, classical songs, and modern pop songs. If you are interested in music, culture and entertainment, this is a great online radio. Website: https://relaksmedia.com/uk/ Email: Info.bd@relaks.net FaceBook: RelaksradioTvBangla Twitter: @relaksradiobangla Instagram: relaks_radio_bangla YouTube: Relaks_Media Language: Bangla Contact Number: 01704-840427 WhatsApp: +44 7582 473 473 Address: Relaks Limited,Nipobon Point,Shahaporan, Sylhet, Bangladesh. PlayStore: relaks_media AppStore: relaks_media Country: United Kingdom Genres: Entertainment, Music, News, Songs

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