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Relaks Radio Bangla is a radio station from Sylhet, Bangladesh. It broadcasts music, songs, news, short videos, comedy, entertainment, Bangla telefilm, and more. It is a popular choice for listeners who want to enjoy a variety of programs in the Bangla language. Relaks Radio Bangla aims to provide quality entertainment and information to its listeners and promote Bangla culture and heritage. Relaks Radio Bangla plays a variety of Bengali songs from a wide of music genres, including folk songs, classical songs, and modern pop songs. If you are interested in Bangladeshi music, culture, and entertainment, this is a great online radio. is various option to listen Relaks Radio Bangla The First One : Listen can listen Relaks Radio Bangla By Downloading Relaks Media App The Second One : Listen can listen Relaks Radio Bangla Visit Some Website Like
Relaks Media
Yes, Relaks Radio Bangla is accessible worldwide, as long as you have an internet connection. You can listen to stations from different countries and regions, allowing you to explore a wide range of music and content from around the world.
Yes sure,you can request a song via direct call to our studio number which is +8801704840427 or text by whatsapp
Relaks Radio Bangla offers free streaming to our listeners.
Relaks Radio Bangla has live DJs who host shows, interact with listeners, and curate playlists in real time. This provides a more dynamic and personalized experience compared to stations that rely solely on automated playlists.