Milon Mahbub

EX Broadcast Controller (Relaks Limited)


Social Media


Job Description:

1. Broadcast Operations: Responsible for overseeing and managing the technical aspects of live or recorded television or radio broadcasts. Ensure that broadcasts start and end on time and run without technical issues.

2. Equipment Management: Monitor and maintain broadcasting equipment, including cameras, microphones, video switchers, audio mixing consoles, and other technical gear. Coordinate equipment repairs and maintenance when necessary.

3. Control Room Operations: Operate the control room and master control equipment, including video servers, graphics systems, and transmission equipment, to control the broadcast signal.

4. Scheduling: Develop and maintain broadcast schedules, ensuring that programs, commercials, and other content are aired according to the schedule.

5. Quality Control: Perform quality checks to ensure that audio and video quality meet industry standards. Address any issues promptly and make adjustments as needed.

6. Live Broadcast Management: Coordinate and manage live broadcasts, including directing camera operators, audio technicians, and other crew members during live events or shows.

7. Emergency Response: Be prepared to respond to technical emergencies, such as equipment failures or transmission issues, and implement backup plans to minimize disruptions.

8. Compliance: Ensure that broadcasts adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, including content restrictions, closed captioning, and emergency alert system (EAS) compliance.

9. Communication: Maintain clear communication with producers, directors, and other team members to execute the broadcast as planned.

10. Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot technical issues that may arise during broadcasts, making quick and informed decisions to resolve problems in real-time.

11. Recordkeeping: Maintain accurate records of broadcast logs, ensuring that all content is correctly labeled and documented.

12. Training: Train and supervise junior staff or operators as needed, ensuring they are proficient in the operation of equipment and adherence to broadcast procedures.


  • Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, media production, or a related field.
  • Prior experience in a similar role within a broadcasting or media company.
  • Strong technical knowledge of broadcasting equipment and systems.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to maintain focus during live broadcasts.
  • Knowledge of broadcasting regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Communication and teamwork skills to work closely with production teams.
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends.
  • Knowledge of industry-standard software and broadcasting tools.

This job description for a Broadcast Controller at Relaks Media is a general framework. Actual job responsibilities and qualifications may vary depending on the company’s specific needs and the type of media broadcasts they produce. Candidates for this role should tailor their applications and qualifications to match the company’s requirements.